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Kat Applegate Walton

Kat Applegate Walton


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and began my flying career in NYC. After five months I transferred to DFW when the new airport opened. I continued flying with AA for two years before marrying. After AA I worked for Comair Airlines for fourteen years. I was a jack-of-all trades and worked as an instructor, check airman, and supervisor. I consider this a wonderful time in my life.

Volunteering is a huge part of my life. I volunteer at the Sarasota Players Theatre, making props, fundraising, and actual acting on stage.. I was once a member of the Cincinnati Chapter and now belong to the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter.

I have served as President of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter for several years, and I also served as the chapter’s Treasurer. In 2016, I was elected to the National Board as National Treasurer. I keep busy with Kiwis. and I’m looking forward to serving once more on the NEB as National Secretary, supporting recruitment.

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