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Kathy Poppenberg Kridel

Kathy Poppenberg Kridel


I was born and raised in Buffalo N.Y. and attended Syracuse University and the University of Buffalo before joining AA in 1964. I’ve been based in BUF, LGA, DCA, LAX, LAX I, MIA and IOR. In 1969 I was fired for being pregnant and had 10 years off with a lawsuit, finally getting my job back after 6 weeks in retraining.

After 911, I was able to fly CRAF missions to the Middle East, bringing our troops in and out of combat; incredible duty days but incredible memories as well. Retiring in 2005, I joined the FL Gulf Coast Kiwis, a group that had been together for years, very senior, no one had flown after 1964 when I started. After one meeting I got a call from the dear president, asking me to take over as President.

I was able to increase the membership, add many fun events and enjoyed it for 10 years until I became the National Secretary. Now I was involved with all the chapters and worked to increase the membership nationally. In 2018 I was elected National President.

I’ve worked thru being Parliamentarian, Endeavor Coordinator and now Advisor. I’ve been dealing with medical issues but hopefully they will be diminishing soon and I will once again be able to fully participate in our wonderful organization.

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