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Stephanie Butler McCauley

Stephanie Butler McCauley


I was born in California and raised in Ontario. It was a wonderful place to grow up in the 50's and 60's.

I was in class 71-8 and straight from training was based in LGA/JFK. In 1973 I transferred to LAX. After sixteen years in LAX, I transferred to IOR to fly international trips where I typically flew purser and galley positions. While at IOR, I volunteered my time to the APFA Union, working with Professional Standards. I finished her career with American in 2008, having flown over 37 years.

My passion is golf, and I love working in my flower garden. I'm never without a book to read each night.
My husband retired from American last year and we look forward to spending our time between northern Minnesota and southwest Florida. When we travel back and forth, we bring our cats and dog with us.

I joined The Kiwi Club in 1994 and the chapters I belong to are O'Hare and Florida Sun Coast. Haven taken the position of National Kiwi President has been a learning experience, one that I'm enthused to take on.

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