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Kiwi Convention 2024

April 23-25, 2024

Savannah Sojourn


Kiwi Club Convention 2024

Registration Packets have been delivered and we are now receiving reservations for Savannah Sojourn, our 35th Biennial Convention where we look forward to greeting you in April.


If you have not received your packet, please let us know by emailing Connie Leighliter Budge at She will be able to verify your information and forward the  Registration Packet to you.  

Or you can tap on the button and below and download a copy to print yourself.

Please take special notice of the Registration form and the Banquet Seating form!

We need specific information on both. 

  • Your Registration fee ($210) includes both our Fete des Peaches n Cream Luncheon and Magnolia Soiree Banquet Dinner.

  • The Optional Event, Gentry, Gumbo and Ghosts is an additional $75.00.

  • Remember to indicate your Banquet menu choice for yourself and guests.

  • Please indicate on the Banquet Seating form your chosen table mates: Chapter or other dining partners.

  • Be sure to include the names of any guests.

  • Please send both forms along with your check. Total your remittance for yourself, as well as for guests who are attending the Banquet dinner ($125) and the Optional Event ($75) on the lines provided and remit to the address indicated on the form.

  • In addition, please indicate on the top of your form the hotel that you are staying at.

Hotel Information Update!

  • Due to an overwhelming response to this years convention, the DeSoto Hotel is fully booked.

  • The convention team has secured a second nearby hotel.

  • The Courtyard Savannah Downtown/Historic (Marriott) is located at 415 W. Liberty Street and is a short walk from the DeSoto.

  • Please open the convention hotel and transportation tab to make your reservations. If you have concerns or questions they may be directed to Polly Toll Goodman at:  

Submission Deadline: Please ensure your timely submission of both the registration and banquet forms, along with your payment by check. The deadline for submission is April 10, 2024.

Payment Information: Make all checks payable to "The Kiwi Club" and mail them to Polly Toll Goodman, , whose address is provided on the registration form.

Contact Us:  We look forward to seeing you in April and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and to provide a memorable experience at our 35th Convention Savannah Sojourn 2024.

Caroline Ballachey Womack Chairman,

Savannah Sojourn

2024 Convention Coordinators

Caroline Womack

Caroline Ballachey Womack - Convention Chairperson for the upcoming Kiwi Club Convention. With her extensive experience and leadership skills, Caroline is leading a team of dedicated Kiwi members from all over the country to bring you an unforgettable convention experience.

Polly Toll Goodman

Polly Toll Goodman  - The Kiwi Club National Meeting Site Coordinator oversees the administrative aspects of the convention and acts as an advisor to the convention chairman.

Jet Wing
Opportunity Tickets - A true story from one of our members -Anna Hart - LAX
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"... First Class, Confirmed Seats, and No Charge!"

"Sounds great, doesn't it? It was! Larry & I were finally able to fly to SYR to celebrate Christmas with my family. We used miles that he had won two years ago buying my Convention Opportunity Tickets. And yes, I still worried that we would be bumped! I was thrilled when the aircraft door was closed! We were treated to fantastic service, no weather problems and no delays.


So where are your Opportunity Tickets? The tickets forgotten in your lingerie drawer cannot be WINNERS! I have mailed out three winning tickets in the past and believe me, your odds of being a WINNER are much, much better than when you bought Power Ball tickets!


Thank you to all who have mailed in your ticket stubs. If you are a WINNER and cannot attend the Convention, you will receive a phone call you won't ever forget. Polly called me two years ago, woke me from a nap, (when I was very ill and unable to attend,) and gave me the great news that Larry had won 100,000 miles. He was thrilled and you will be too!


If you need more tickets, please let your chapter president or Polly Toll Goodman know.

Hope to see you in Savannah!"

Anna Hart - LAX

Savannah Weather in April

Smiling Sun

In Savannah, Georgia, the weather in April is generally mild and pleasant, with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  The temperature usually reaches the 70s and sometimes even the 80s, creating an almost perfect climate.

The warm weather is accompanied by a refreshing coastal breeze, which makes the humidity levels low. Unlike other places where spring showers bring May flowers, Savannah has little rain during this season, so there is no need to bring heavy rain gear. Instead, use the extra suitcase space for souvenirs!

What to Wear

  1. Think casual, but polished.  Savannah is a sophisticated southern city.

  2. Comfortable shoes: You'll be sightseeing and shopping, so wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in for long periods of time. Flats, loafers, or low heels are all good options.

  3. Lightweight layers: April in Savannah can be warm during the day, but it can also get cooler in the evenings. Wear lightweight layers such as a blazer or a cardigan that you can easily take off or put on as needed.

  4. Sun protection: Savannah can get quite sunny, so be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's rays.


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