A Farewell Message from Jane Jamison - Editor

Mary  Richter Thrasher and Jane McDonald Jamison have produced the Kaleidoscope for over 32 years.
A job well done and much appreciated by all!

"The Kiwi Kaleidoscope had its beginning when Mary Richter Thrasher and Jan Brown Hanson got together and decided to produce a “true” newsletter for The Kiwi Club; they named it Kiwi Kaleidoscope as it was, like a kaleidoscope, a myriad of things. When Jan left her position, Mary carried on alone.

At the convention in 1990 in SFO when I lost the election for president to my friend Mary Hilburg, Mary Thrasher had heard I had experience in publications, so she asked me to join her and I accepted. That was 32 years ago. We are a team that works well together and we became good friends. When Mary’s life and her decision to run for a national office left no time for the KK, she turned it over to me totally except for her artwork.


The time has come for me to again take the back seat and let Mary resume her place as editor once more. I will take the co-editor’s place and help her as needed, but will no longer be responsible for publishing your newsletter.


It has been a great ride and the standing ovation you gave me at convention and the words from so many members was humbling and brought tears, especially since working on the Kaleidoscope all these years has not been a chore, but a work of love. This is my last issue of the Kaleidoscope as editor. Thank all of you for making me look good."


The Kiwi Kaleidoscope

 National Newsletter of The Kiwi Club

The Kiwi Kaleidoscope is the official publication of The Kiwi Club and is issued online several times a year. If you have anything that you would like featured in a future issue contact our Editor. 

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Mary Richter Thrasher

We thank Mary Thrasher for providing the "Critters" artwork that is used throughout our website, and for managing our private Kiwi Facebook group!

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*Please note* Some names were left off of the photo of the President's Luncheon on page 6. Note:  Linda Timberlake is between Kathy Minner, and Mary Thrasher. Sandra Hoelting is at the end, next to Kathy Kridel. 

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