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This is your page Kiwis! Your place to let everyone know what is happening in your chapter.
If you have any airline-related news that you would like to share then this is the place!
Send your news to the Jill Rohan, 
Kiwi Web Hostess.

Ocean City/Long Beach September Meeting

Ocean City/Long Beach Kiwi Chapter members planning the 'Blast from the Past!' Regional Luncheon to be held on October 18th in Long Beach. Invitations to Southern California Chapters will be in newsletters to them!"

Denver Kiwis in the Mountains!

Denver members:  Nancy Uszko, Paula Carlson Freeman, Lisa Bond Linnebur, Jo Sharp McFadden, Bonnie"B.J."  Morgan, Julie Mendenhall Gionet, Iris Median Schinasi, Pam Necker Bradley, Melinda Neal 

Skyview 6 
Our Beloved Graduation Staircase is Back!

Skyview 6 – is the latest addition to American Airlines' headquarters complex.

What is it? A stylish new hotel? Yes. A soaring fitness center and public spaces with sweeping staircases and iconic art? Yes. A tavern and restaurant facility. Yes.

The Golden Gate Gazette August Issue has many more photos and details about this "flight crew only" hotel.  A must-read article! Click here to read and see more.

Thanks to the Gazette Editor,  Julie Haley, for bringing us this informative article!

In the photo above is the staircase that rises under the circular medallion that pays homage to nearly a half-century of American Airlines flight attendants. For decades, flight attendants would have their group photo taken under that medallion upon completing their training — a tradition that now lives on in the lobby of Skyview 6. 


Our New Kiwi Club Members

May 1, 2023 - August 12, 2024

It is with immense pleasure  that we extend a warm welcome to our  newest members!

Teresa Knight Bailey


Molly Boyd       



Sherry Warchol Brooks



Dixie Casey      



Marsha DeSanzoMcConnell



Lynne Sterner Focht



Mark Ford        



Steve Haas

Club EWR


Carolyn Freese Havens



Janis Hutchens



Mindy Kammeyer 



Debra Marquis



Elizabeth McCauley



Susan McKee      



Cynthia Meier      



Diane Griswold Palmer


Barbara Greif Petrarca



Kathy Murphy Pieri



Marguerite G Sensoli



Margaret Somerville



Nancy Spector     



Julie St John Starcher



Robin Stoe       



Barbara Wallace


Emily's Identity Theft Fraud Story: Learn How to Protect Yourself

One of our own Kiwis has shared tips on IDENTITY THEFT FRAUD that happened to her!

Having just been swamped with everything you can imagine--her life and financial well-being appeared up for grabs!---savings, pension, social security, and more....which all began with a SIM card swap.


She has put together a KIT to assist fellow Kiwis in knowing what to look for and be aware of, some of which you may not have thought of at this point-----thieves are lurking!  

  • Take action now and read the full story of what happened to Emily.

  • Discover essential steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

  • Learn what to do to protect yourself, f you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

  • Knowledge is power, so stay informed and safeguard your financial well-being!

  • Head over to the Newsletter page and dive into the July edition of the Golden Gate Gazette.

The Latest Issue of the Kiwi Kaleidoscope is Available Now!

The latest copy of the Kiwi Kaleidoscope was sent to all members via email on July, 1st. It is also available to read on the Kiwi Kaleidoscope page. If you would like a hard copy, instructions for printing are at the bottom of the Kaleidoscope page. 



If you did NOT get the email with the newsletter then please contact our 2nd Vice-president, Connie Leighter Budge at: to make sure that we have your correct email address. 

Here are a  few things you will read about in the latest issue:

  • Convention News
  • Call for Silent Auction Items
  • A Kiwi You Should Know
  • Searching for a new Website Manager
  • New Kiwi Recruitment Cards
  • And More....

We Have a New Kiwi Facebook Page!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook page, The Kiwi Club! The page is a public page and was created by Kathy Minner. Thank you Kathy!! It was launched to help prospective members learn more about our club and what we offer. 

We need your support to make this page a success. Please take a moment to "Share" the page with your Facebook friends to help the page grow.  We also encourage you to post interesting content related to Kiwi Club events and activities, so that our page is engaging and informative. Keep in mind that for some people this will be their first look the The Kiwi Club. So posts to let them know more about the Kiwi club and what we do are needed.

Let's work together to make our new Facebook page a hub of activity and a valuable resource for those interested in joining the Kiwi Club. 

Here is the link for the new page.

Give it a look now. Let's show off who we are!

  • Facebook

Denver Chapter - SafeHouse Project

Denver Kiwis Planting Vegetables at SafeHouse.


Nancy Uszko, Melinda Leal, Bonnie "BJ" Morgan, Julie Gionet, Pam Bradley

Orange County/Long Beach  - October Regional  Luncheon Planned

Calling all Chapters in Southern California! 

We recently held our May Meeting in Fountain Valley, where our members were full of ideas for the upcoming Regional Luncheon in October.

We've already sent out  "Save the Date" flyers for your newsletters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect and collaborate. Save the Date and let's make this luncheon a memorable success together!

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