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if you know of any Kiwis who have 'Flown West' or if you'd like more information about sending cards of condolence.


>Marilyn Skites Bradley, Florida Gulf Coast member, died early Easter morning.  She was in the AA Class 1966/19.

She was a long-time friend and roommate of Ginger Paul. 

>Phyllis Westerfield Niedfeldt graduated in the class of 1956/01 and was a member of the Memphis Kiwi Chapter.  She flew from 1956 to mid-1957 out of JFK and LGA.

>Karen Cook Gusikoff, a member of the LAX Kiwi Chapter, died suddenly on March 4, 2022.  Karen started flying in 1971 (AA Class 1971/11) and was based in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago and Paris.

>Anita Johnston Dahlgren, Class of 1943/12 and Founder of the Oklahoma City Chapter of The Kiwi Club on April 10, 1953, passed away February 6, 2022.

>Wilma Nicholas Richardson a former member of the OKC Chapter, passed away on November 11, 2021.  She was in the AA Class of 1952

>Lillian Riddle Hearn, who graduated in the AA Class 1946/12 has flown west.   She was a very active Dallas Kiwi until 2014.

>Jean Gorman Perkins, Member at Large, passed away October 4,2021.  Jean was former member of LAX and SAN.  She was AA Class 1946/09.

>Ruthie Hogg, member of the DFW/Mid-Cities Kiwi Chapter, as well as the Richardson Chapter has Flown West.  She graduated in the AA Class of 1953.  Ruthie passed away on August 5,2021.  She was 92 years young.


>O'Hare Kiwi, Nancy Moore Strenk, AA Class 1976/15, has passed on July 19, 2021.  Obituary link:

>Mary Grimala, long-time and active Golden Gate Kiwi, passed away on July 17, 2021.  She was in the AA Class of 66-26.

>DFW/Mid-Cities Kiwi, Irene Semler Ferrari, flew west July11, 2021.  She became a member of the DFW/Mid-Cities Chapter in the 70's and her daughter, Tina is now a member of that chapter.  Irene graduated in the 1951 AA Class.

>Gelena Wilson Parslow, AA Class 60/07, passed away on July 5, 2021.  Gelena was a long-time Kiwi and former member of the LAX and LAS chapters.

>Audrey Elaine Lawler, former President of the Gulf Coast Kiwis, has flown West.  She was in the AA Class 1945/10.  Audrey died on May 26, 2021.  See her obituary HERE. 

Kathryn (Kay) Moore Leonard, member of the Dallas Kiwi Chapter, passed away on May 20, 2021.  Kay was in the AA Class 1957/08.  Dallas Kiwis describe Kay as a loving Kiwi, always taking care of others and enjoying all the Kiwi events.

>Ann Crawford Woodard, AA class of 1959 has flown West.  She flew for 35 years.  She passed away on 7/6/2014.

>Atlanta Kiwi,  Liz Mynatt  has flown west.  She was in the TWA Class of 1955 and was last a member of TKC from 2014-2016.

>Vivian Shattuck Jorgensen passed away on May 21, 2021.  Viv graduated in the AA Class 1937/05.  She was Kiwi National President 1964-1966 and served The Kiwi Club for many years as Kiwi Historian/Archivist (ret).  She was truly the backbone of our Kiwi history.  She was 107!

>The Orange County/Long Beach Chapter has lost one of their long time members.  Janet (Jan) Perry Stober passed away May 15, 2021.  She was in the AA Class of 63/6.  Jan had also belonged to the South Bay Kiwi Chapter and there were wonderful memorials in both chapters' recent newsletters. She attended many Kiwi conventions and will be missed by many Kiwi friends.

>Robbin Randel Knauff, AA Class 1951/03, passed away on May 7, 2021.  She was a member of the FL Gulf Coast and Atlanta Chapters and a MAL thru her many years as a Kiwi.

>Founding member of the Chicago Kiwi Chapter and then MAL, Normalea ("Lea") Fraley McKown has Flown West.  She passed on April 15, 2021 in Cadillac, MI.  She was in the AA Class of 1950/05. 

>Patricia Ann Humphries Miller passed away on April 10, 2021.  She graduated in the AA class of 1956/03.  Patricia was an active member of the TUL Chapter, even serving as President  She became a MAL in 1995.  See photo and obituary HERE.

> Mary Beth Van Dine, member of the OC/LB Chapter, passed away on March 17th.  She was in the AA Class 1965/12.

>DALLAS KIWI, Donna Morrissey has flown west.  She passed away on March 12, 2021.  Donna graduated in the AA class of 1946/03. She was a past President and held almost all other Board positions.  The DALLAS Kiwis will miss this outstanding Kiwi.

>Marlene Adams Delong, long-time Kiwi and member of the Golden Gate Chapter passed away February 18, 2021. She was in the October AA Class in 1958.

>Gloria Bauer Schlacter passed away on Saturday, February 6.  She was in the AA Class 1955/06.  Gloria served as the Manhattan Vice-President for many years.  She was an active, vibrant and dedicated Kiwi and will be missed by her many Kiwi friends.

>MAL Barbara Moore Painter, has Flown West.  She was in the AA Class of 65/1 and attended both the 2016 SFO Kiwi Convention and the 2018 OKC Convention.  She passed away in January, 2021.  Her last base was ORD and retired to live in Boston.

>Mary Louise Lopez Elkin of the Golden Gate Chapter, has Flown West - January 6, 2021.  She was from AA’s class of July, 1956.  Mary Louise  had been a long standing Kiwi Club member beginning with the Oakland group (where she served as official Photographer) and then switching  over later to Golden Gate.  For a tribute and photos, click HERE.

>Jenny Bonan-Rubin passed away December 10, 2020.  She was based at JFK-I and a member of the Long Island Kiwi chapter since 2013.

>In December, after a long and challenging struggle with her health, our Kiwi sister Judi Allen, passed away. She was a member of the Orange County/Long Beach Chapter and graduated in the class of Class 1969/12.  Read a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul HERE.

>Long time DC Kiwi Jo Strickland Bucholz passed away 12/10/2020.  Jo was a devoted Kiwi and friend.  She was a beautiful, sweet, kind lady and will be greatly missed.  She was 2 AA Classes:  1957/4 and back on the line in the Class 1976/4.  She was based in Washington, DC.

>Cindy Mantiply Ryan, AA Class of 1962-16 and Past National President, 1986-88.'  Cindy was a member of the South Bay Kiwi Chapter.  She passed away December 15.  Cindy was a beautiful person, inside and out, and will be missed by those who knew her.

>Boots Johnson Hogate, member of the Chicago Kiwi Chapter, has Flown West.  We lost this remarkable Kiwi on December 8, 2020.  Boots was in the AA Class of 1947 and was our National Kiwi President from 1960-1962.  Many will remember Boots from skits at Kiwi Conventions, which were hilarious.

>Former MAL (2014) Mary Waddell Templin passed away on August 1, 2020.  Mary was in the AA Class 1956/07.  After leaving Stewardess Corp, she worked for AA reservations for many years.

>Orange County/Long Beach Kiwis have lost their long-time and much-loved Kiwi, Gwen Danielson Johnson.  Gwen was in the AA Class of 1944.  See the News-Just-In page for more information.

>Suzy Bernath Nelson, AA Class 1966/13, has passed away.  She was a much-loved member of the LAX Kiwi Chapter.  You can see what a special lady she was by clicking HERE.

>Doreen Rountree Pace from Laughlin, NV, has flown west.  She was a member of the LAS Kiwi Chapter and in the class 1966-12.

>Helen Cocklin Fredericks passed away on October 23, 2020.  Helen graduated in the AA Class 1951/10.  She was a member of Western NY Kiwi chapter.

>Lynette Tracy, long-time and much-loved member of the South Bay Kiwi Chapter, has flown west.  She died on October 21 from pneumonia and will be missed by her sister Kiwis.  (See South Bay November newsletter.)  

>Golden Gate Chapter member, Patti Keown DeLuna, passed away on Thursday, September 17 at her home with husband, John.  She graduated in the AA Class of 1995.  Even though Patti suffered long with Parkinson Disease, she aimed to live her life with dignity, activity and passion.  She was honored for her heroic role on an American Airlines 767 when the Co-Pilot became ill during flight.  Click to see a video of an interview with her:

>Dorothy M. Krejci, member of the HOU Kiwi Club, passed away in November, 2019.  She had a 38-year career as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines.

>Betty Barlow Agee has Flown West - August 4, 2020 - at the home of one of her sons. She was surrounded by her loving family.  She was actively involved in several organizations through her years in Memphis.
As a flight attendant, she was based in Chicago, Dallas, & Detroit. She was also  proud of being the Skipper in charge of the Admirals Club in Detroit and Dallas.  She was in the Class of 1952/04.  The Memphis Kiwis shall miss her greatly.

Karen Cain Richardson , long time South Bay member, passed away on July 31, 2020.  Karen was AA Class 1965/01. 

>Margie Pipkin Sanders passed away on June 22, 2020.  She was a long time member of the Memphis Kiwi Cub.  Marie graduated in the AA AA Class 1946/04.  She supported the local Humane Society because of her love for all furry animals or those with feathers.  She also loved playing bridge with various groups of friends.  Giving and sharing with others was a large part of her life.   We will miss her generous spirit!

>Kathy Star Dugan Shinkle passed away on July 18, 2020.  Kathy was in the AA Class 1959/14.  She first was a Kiwi in the LA Chapter then spear-headed Chicago/North Shore when it formed.  She has been President and Treasurer of Chicago/North Shore for many years. 

>Rita Jean Sinnott has Flown West.  She was in the AA Class of 1947 and a Golden Gate Chapter member. 

>Hilary Browne Coffman, AA Class 1965--passed January 14, 2019.  She was a member of the Hawaii chapter.  Hilary hasn't been a Kiwi for many years, but her daughter said she loved AA and the Kiwi Club.

>Betty Jean Davis Fitzgerald on June 10, 2020 has Flown West.  Betty was in the AA Class 1947/08.  

>Juanita (Nita) Larson Starr of the AA Class 1941/11, passed away on May 26, 2020.  Nita was 100 years young.  

>Barbara Wulf Browne, Golden Gate Chapter, was in the AA Class of 1963.  She died on May 7, 2020.

>Ruth Colley Kennedy, AA Class of ‘46-53 and longtime very active Kiwi in several chapters, has flown West.  Ruth was a charter member of the FL Gulf Coast Kiwi Chapter and the Long Island Chapter.  She is pre -deceased by her husband Bill (also with AA).  She is survived by her son Bill and daughter Patty.

>Jerry Bass Jennings, AA Class 1949/08, passed away 5/18/2020.  Jerry was a charter member of the Oklahoma City Kiwi Chapter.

>Manhattan Kiwi Nancy Redmond, passed away on May 7, 2020.  Nancy had been a Kiwi since 1998.  More information to follow.

>Beloved member of the Washington DC Chapter, Peggy Kuniewicz Hoffend died April 30, 2020. 

>Marian Roberts-McCarty 9/3/40-4/21/20 - 79 years young - member of the FL Gulf Coast Kiwi Club, will be missed.  She was in the AA Class of 1961.