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Kiwi Travel

We haven't been everywhere, but it's on our list!

 This page has been dormant for a while, but as travel returns to normal it is time to start planning some group Kiwi trips! If you have any ideas for group trips, please contact Mary Ann or Shirlee.  

Do you have PRE-CHECK?


If you are going to be flying and don't have PRE-CHECK then now is the time to get it. It is now cheaper and easier to get than ever. 

Why Pre-check?  Not only are the lines shorter, but they are hassle free. You don't have to take your shoes off, don't have to take your liquids out of your bag, and don't have to remove your laptop. 

How do I get it? Currently you can apply online at:  Follow the instructions, and then comes the best news. Depending on where you live, you can most likely skip the airport interview and  complete the process at your local Staples! In addition, the cost has even been lowered to $78 for 5 years.

So if you don't have pre-check now, then get it before you fly next. It really takes a lot of stress off of getting to the gate. 

Kiwi Travel Program

A message from Mary Anne Wallentine:


"As far as trips for the Kiwis, at this time I do not have plans for putting together a group trip. I would, however, encourage those who are eligible interliners, with their airline ID’s, contact me individually, as every cruise line has very special discounted rates, between 40% and 65% off, even on the luxury cruises. 

There are lots of tremendous savings out there!!"

Mary Anne

Contact: Mary Anne Bloomer Wallentine


Debby Kamino

Travel Tips from Shirlee Albrecht

Kiwi Travel Tips Summer 2022 and Beyond


     Your smart phone is your friend.  Download AA’s app or that of any airline you are flying on since a lot of airport information will be on the airline app including your Boarding Pass, Gate Changes or even Seat Upgrades!  Do this at home before you leave for the airport.  When your boarding pass comes in…take a screen shot of it so you can keep it live on your phone while in line to board the A/C.  Nothing like getting to the gate reader and you phone has gone dark and you have to enter your passcode etc. to bring up your boarding pass with a line behind you. 


     Using your phone in the airport comes with some risks.  Make sure you have a safe easy place to keep your phone so you can access it easily and don’t have to set the phone down on counters etc. which could lead to leaving your phone behind which could be disastrous.


     If flying out of DFW, AA has a new app that will aid you getting through TSA security using only your phone so you can keep your boarding pass (standby document) and ID securely tucked in your hand carry bag.


     Be flexible and patient when at the airport. Throughout our AA training we were told “to be flexible,” that statement could not be truer today!  


     Take photos of your important travel documents and put them in the notes section of your phone so you can retrieve them quickly if needed.  While the photos are fresh email them to yourself also.  (Documents to take pictures of  are your passport picture page and Covid vaccination card.) 


     Take a photo of your checked suitcase just in case your suitcase is the one that does not make your flight and you are standing in baggage claim when the carousel stops!  A picture can help you and the baggage agent find your bag.


     Whenever possible fly early in the morning.  A little loss of sleep is worth it if it helps make your travel day run smoother.  First flights have a better chance of departing “on time” giving you a better chance of making connections and getting to your final destination.  And always give yourself an extra day for travel if you need to be There for a cruise, wedding, graduation, baptism or (you fill in the blank).


     Trip insurance is a good idea.


Things to bring on the A/C


     Your phone!  You will need it for onboard entertainment but more importantly when you land you will be able to see your connecting gate information and timing. 


     Bring your own headset/Airpods  preferably ones with wires so they don’t fall on the floor (yuk) and more importantly you don’t lose the expensive AirPods.


     F/A always carry a flashlight and so should we.  Flashlights are small and you never know when you have to find something at the bottom of your carry on bag.  You maybe able to count on your phone for a flashlight.


     Wear or take a sweater since A/C can be cold and blankets are a thing of the past.


     Need hand lotion during the flight?  Fill a contact lens case with hand lotion and even face moisturizer to use inflight.  It will not take much space and it will feel good.

Shirlee -

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