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Our Recent Kiwi Losses

Irma Hudak Crozier, July 12, 1928 - September 6, 2022. . She was a member of the Dallas chapter of The Kiwi Club for over 70 years. To read more about here amazing life: click here

To view a wonderful tribute to Irma go to this link.!/TributeWall

Mary LaLibertie Moss Kiwi

Mary LaLibertie Moss, passed away peacefully at home on October 9th at the age of 98.  Mary began her flying career with AA in 1944 and was a member of the Atlanta Chapter.  To read Mary's obituary click here.

Marvine Currey Malouf passed away January 5, 2022 at the age of 81. Marvine lived in Vista, CA and was a member of the Los Angeles chapter. She was in class 60-12. Her husband, Robert died the prior year on September 28, 2021.

Dorothy Flagerstrom Rhodes -  Phoenix Chapter  DOD July 7, 2022 

Joanne Quinn Fitzpatrick, Chicago Chapter  - DOD July 1, 2022

Phyllis Stockhausen Whitehouse, former Los Angeles Chapter member, passed away in early August 2022 at the age of 99.  Phyllis began her flying career with AA in 1946 and joined the Los Angeles chapter in 1953.  She remained a member until 2015, when she reluctantly relocated to New York City, to be near her son. 


Barbara Lawsha,  Barbara passed away June 6, 2022, She was a member of the Golden Gate chapter and flew for over 40 years. To read her obituary click on this link.

June Mary Krocker Weldon, June was an active member of OKC Kiwi Club for many years. She passed away May, 2022. She had been a Medical Secretary, an American Airlines Flight Attendant, a Kiwi travel consultant, a Southwest Airlines Reservationist, a Mary Kay Consultant, as well as a mom, and a proud Grammy.

Her hobbies included: Travel, Tennis, Scrabble, Bridge, Jeopardy, Opera, watching the Red Sox, Patriots & Oklahoma baseball & football Teams and fishing in Luther,

Margaret Thomas Lee (Mickey),  (86) passed away on May 15, 2022 in Fort Worth, TX. She had been a member of the DFW Mid-Cities Chapter since the early 60's.

Linda Somboonsook

Linda Somboonsook, of the South Bay Kiwi Chapter, passed away July 4, 2022.  More photos here...

Christine Watts-Greenlaw Dolby passed away on July 21, 2022. She was a member of the Washington D.C. Chapter and served in every office of the DC chapter. She was also National Treasurer of TKC 2000-2004.


Brenda Tate Nolan  passed away on July 19, 2022. She was Dayton Kiwi Chapter President/Treasurer for many years. Branda was in AA Class 59/18. Click here to read her obituary.

 Jean Jones-Olinger

Jean Jones-Olinger, a long time member of the ATL chapter recently passed away. Jean started flying in 1947 (her new hire photo is below) and was based at LGA and DFW.She became a Kiwi in DFW and after moving to Atlanta joined the ATL Kiwis. June 2022 

Read  more...

Marilyn Skites Bradley, Florida Gulf Coast member, died early Easter morning.  She was in the AA Class 1966/19. She was a long-time friend and roommate of Ginger Paul. 

Phyllis Westerfield Neidfeldt

 Phyllis Westerfield Niedfeldt graduated in the class of 1956/01 and was a member of the Memphis Kiwi Chapter.  She flew from 1956 to mid-1957 out of JFK and LGA. Read Phyllis's fascinating obituary here.

Karen Cook Gusikoff, a member of the LAX Kiwi Chapter, died suddenly on March 4, 2022.  Karen started flying in 1971 (AA Class 1971/11) and was based in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago and Paris.

Anita Johnston Dahlgren, Class of 1943/12 and Founder of the Oklahoma City Chapter of The Kiwi Club on April 10, 1953, passed away February 6, 2022. Read Anita's obituary here.

Wilma Nicholas Richardson a former member of the OKC Chapter, passed away on November 11, 2021.  She was in the AA Class of 1952

 Jean Gorman Perkins, Member at Large, passed away October 4, 2021.  Jean was former member of LAX and SAN.  She was AA Class 1946/09. Read obituary here

Please notify 2nd VP, Ginger McDonough Paul - and your Web Hostess 

Jill Richey Rohan - if you know of any Kiwis who have Flown West.

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