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National Awards 
Announced at our 2024 Convention

President's Cup
Sam Gooch

Awarded for outstanding service to The Kiwi Club at the discretion of the National President, who determines the recipient.

Polly Toll Goodman Award
Caroline Ballachey Womack

To honor a Kiwi who has Kiwi spirit, and has made contributions and given service to TKC at both the national and chapter level. One of the most prestigious awards given by the club.

Kiwi Award of Merit
Florida Gulf Coast

A special good-neighbor award presented as a salute to chapters that have performed the most outstanding services toward unifying their communities.       

Blue Pencil Award
Ginger McDonough Paul

Awarded to honor chapter newsletter editors who have shown innovation and improvement, and for keeping their chapter members informed.        

Excellence Award

A permanent award to recognize a chapter for its continual dedication to and support of The Kiwi Club and its local community

Kay Hansen Award
Nashville Music City 

Awarded to a chapter and named in honor of the first Kiwi Counselor. It is presented to a chapter  for its facilitation of uplifting charitable acts.

The Memorial Award
Club EWR

To honor stewardesses/flight attendants who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This award recognizes a chapter for its above and beyond charitable efforts.

The Kiwi Award

This prestigious award is given for continuous - not less than five years - dedication, assistance, support, or promotion of The Kiwi Club and/or a chapter of The Kiwi Club.  More than one chapter member or members at large may be submitted for recognition, as well as any organization fitting the requirements. It can be given any time.  The recipient(s) of this award receives a framed certificate. The following recipients  were announced at convention. 

  • Gail Bartkowaski Austin    Denver 

  • Joan Bourdage   O’Hare 

  • Anita Diamond

  • Michael Engler   Nashville Music City 

  • Sam Gooch   Nashville Music City 

  • Sandra Barkel Pagden-Gribaudo   Florida Suncoast 

  • Kathy Poppenberg Kridal   Florida Gulf Coast 

  • Jo Sharp McFadden  Denver 

  • Ginger McDonough Paul   Atlanta 

  • Nancy Waller   Club EWR 

  • Caroline Ballachey Womack   Golden Gate 

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