1.  The Kiwi Award of Merit – A special good-neighbor award presented as a salute to chapters that have performed the most outstanding services toward unifying their communities each two-year period between national conventions.        Golden Gate

2. The Kay Hansen Award - to honor the first official AA Kiwi Counselor, who gave the inspiration for the survival of TKC.   It is presented to a chapter for its facilitation of uplifting charitable acts.               Denver


3.  The Memorial Award - to honor stewardesses/flight attendants who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  This award  recognizes a chapter for its above and beyond charitable efforts.         South Bay

        *Later it was found that Ada Huckeby was the first to be killed in the line of duty in 1934.  In light of this new information, the National Kiwi Board recommended that the award be officially known as The Memorial Award as of February 8, 2008.)”

4.  The Kiwi Award of Excellence - To recognize a chapter for its continual dedication to and support of The Kiwi Club and the chapter's local community/charity.  It is given to a chapter for long time charity work to one charity or a long-time chapter that although they are struggling, continues to support TKC and their local charities.  It is not given every year.  The recipient of this award receives a framed certificate.       Club EWR


5.  The Millie Alford Membership Award – To honor the chapter having the largest percentage of increased membership during the term (the preceding two years).       DFW Mid-Cities    

6.  The Kiwi Club Award – also known as the Virginia Woodby Conrad Award after the first National President of TKC –  is to honor all Kiwis. It is presented for chapter charitable work.  The trophy, the Kiwi bird on the marble block was retired.  A certificate is presented to the recipient.      FL Gulf Coast



7.  The President's Cup - Awarded for outstanding service to The Kiwi Club at the discretion of the National President who selects the recipient.    Shirlee Keyes Albrecht


8.  Polly Toll Goodman Award - Awarded to a Kiwi widely known as an organizer, leader, advisor and friend to many in The Kiwi Club. This Kiwi is held in high esteem by the membership for her/his good works and contribution to the good of the organization. The recipient of this award receives a framed certificate.       Ernie Shade Reis


9.  Blue Pencil Award – Awarded to the editor of the best chapter newsletter during the previous two years (convention to convention).  The recipient is selected by the Kiwi Kaleidoscope editors.          Linda Hessler Radke, South Bay Chapter 

10.  THE KIWI AWARD - Given for continuous - not less than five years - dedication, assistance, support, or promotion of a local Kiwi chapter of The Kiwi Club.  More than one chapter member or members at large may be submitted for recognition, as well as any organization fitting the requirements. It can be given any time.  Names will be announced at convention.  The recipient of this award receives a framed certificate. 
         Peggy Wright Lane - Kansas City Chapter

         Marilyn Sommers Sylvan - Tulsa Chapter

         Sandra Gladney - American Airlines Credit Union, retired       

         Rita Wilkinson Pirie - Member at Large



  1. Lifetime Membership AwardJane McDonald Jamison

  2. Honorary Kiwi MembershipBeverly Bass (DFW Mid-Cities), Lloyd Wiborg (GG)


   Honoring Birthday Milestones – Fran Pattarini (KAN) 90, Sue Cycon (O’Hare) 100 and Vivian Shattuck Jorgensen turned 106 in October, 2019


The Kay Hansen Award

The Memorial Award

The Kiwi Award of Merit

The President's Cup

Virginia Woodbury Conrad Award

The Millie Alford Membership Award

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The Kay Hansen Pin

presented to each National President by the previous President

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