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A Message from our President...

Stephanie - President_edited.jpg
Stephanie McCauley Butler
President 2022-2024

Greeting Kiwis:


As your new president I would like to focus my 2 years in office growing our club membership and teamwork within our chapters. The key to the success of a chapter and what influences its vitality is all members working together as a team. This sounds familiar doesn’t it? The same concept as working on a flight! We all bring different skills to the Kiwi Club. Share your skills with your chapter.


For those that are MALs, your willingness to serve on the Executive Board or on the Convention Committee helps create a strong foundation to the future of this organization. Give this some thought and share your ideas with your chapter or the Executive Board.

Best regards,


Our National Board

The Kiwi Club Board of Directors is elected every two years and the board members are installed at our National Convention. 


Stephanie Butler McCauley



Vicki Valenciano Kubal

Vice President


Ginger McDonough Paul

Second Vice President


Kat Applegate Walton



Melissa McCarthy Williams



Sam Gooch

Past President


Kathy Poppenberg Kridel


Our Support Staff

The support staff is chosen by the board. Each person has a special skill that is used to assist the board. At this time we need a Social Media specialist. If you have skills with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and would like to get involved, please let someone on the board know. 

Jill Richey Rohan

Jill Richey Rohan

Website Hostess

Jill Richey Rohan

Polly Toll Goodman

National Meeting Site Coordinator

Jill Richey Rohan

Mary Richter Thrasher

Kaleidoscope Editor, Archives, Historian

Jill Richey Rohan

Chris Strommer Moeckel

Traveling Uniform Collection

Jill Richey Rohan

Jane McDonald Jamison

Kaleidoscope Co-editor

Jill Richey Rohan

Linda Hutchinson Timberlake

Archival Uniform Collection

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