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Friendships for a lifetime!

Who  What  Why

One of the many benefits of belonging to this organization – and there are many – is friendship. A familiar answer is heard from members who are repeatedly asked how they benefit from being a member of The Kiwi Club:  “Fun and life-long friendships.”

Kiwis automatically bond because of their on-board experiences. However, it is what follows that keeps the organization alive. Friendships, fun, connections, being useful and making a difference in the world, knowing that someone is always there to “watch your back”.  Just ask any Kiwi.

Time knows no boundaries when Kiwis connect. Contact our Vice-President  for information on how to join this wonderful organization.  Click on the link below to read more about The Kiwi Club.

How  To  Join

Join The Kiwi Club Family!
Were you a stewardess or flight attendant with American Airlines or its associated carriers? We welcome members from American Airlines, American Eagle, and all airlines merged with or acquired by American, including TWA, USAir, TransCaribbean, AirCal, America West, and Reno Air.

Membership Options:

  • Chapter Member: Locate a nearby chapter using our Chapter Map.

  • Member at Large: Can't find a local chapter? No problem! Opt to become a Member at Large.


Become a Kiwi Today!

To join our vibrant community, click the button below, complete the form, and submit your biennial dues of $50. Once registered, our National Vice President, Linda Hessler Radke,, will provide you with all the details to immerse yourself in The Kiwi Club experience.

Mary Thrasher Chapters

 Find a Chapter 

Discover a Kiwi Club Chapter Close to You!
Explore our diverse chapters by visiting the "Our Chapters" page, where you'll find a handy location map and a complete chapter listing.

Need guidance in choosing the right chapter?

Reach out to our Vice-President, Linda Hessler Radke, at She's here to connect you with the nearest chapter's President and ensure you find your perfect fit.

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