Membership eligibility consists of former and current Stewardesses/Flight Attendants from American Airlines,
American Eagle (non-contracted), now Envoy, Trans Caribbean, Air Cal, Reno Air, America West, TWA, and US Airways.



The Kiwi Club is a unique philanthropic social group that ties former and current American Airlines stewardesses and flight attendants
to a network of friendship, community service, and mutual support. The organization – the first of its kind – includes chapter members and members at large.

The Kiwi Club will soon celebrate its 70th anniversary, and many airline organizations have patterned themselves after this exceptional group.


Those early stewardesses missed the exciting world of flying, and since they had so much in common knew it would be fun to get together occasionally and socialize. This early social concept quickly evolved into a group providing support to charities, though never forgetting to have a good time and making friends.

Unlike the shy, wingless New Zealand native bird for which this organization is named, Kiwis are not shy! They chose the name of this bird because they had been required to leave and could no longer fly when they reached the age of 32 or were married. That is no longer the case. 


Kiwis are generous.  They have raised and contributed millions of dollars to various charities, including their endeavor Wings Foundation – an organization that provides help for online AA flight attendants in need. The Kiwi Club is firmly committed to this organization and has generously donated over a half-million dollars since it began supporting Wings in 1996.

In addition to supporting Wings, the club supports the National Kiwi Fund, a fund that provides assistance to active Kiwi members who are in need. One dollar of each member’s dues goes into this fund.

Kiwi support doesn’t stop with monetary assistance, voluntary hands-on involvement by members and their families is often provided.


One of the many benefits of belonging to this organization – and there are many – is friendship. A familiar answer is heard from members who are repeatedly asked how they benefit from being a member of The Kiwi Club:  “Fun and life-long friendships.”

Kiwis automatically bond because of their on-board experiences. However, it is what follows that keeps the organization alive:  Friendships, fun, connections, being useful and making a difference in the world, knowing that someone is always there to “watch your back,” Just ask any Kiwi.

Time knows no boundaries when Kiwis connect. Contact our Vice-President for information on how to join this wonderful organization. 


Fill in and submit the How to Join form.

The Kiwi Club offers two types of membership:  Chapter Member or Member at Large.  When you pay your national dues, you become a member of The Kiwi Club.  There is no such thing as being an inactive member or just being a “chapter member.”  


First step:  go to the Chapter Map link to see if there is a chapter in your area.  If you choose to join a chapter, please note this on the How to Join form. Otherwise you can choose to become a member at large.


Next step:  fill out and submit the How to Join form.

The National Vice President will contact you with all all the information needed to become a member of The Kiwi Club.

If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the National Vice President.  If you’ve got questions, she’s got answers!
Any member of the National Board is willing to offer answers or assistance.

*Click on any words that are in blue and underlined to open a link or an email address.

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