*Choose a Chapter (see Chapter Map Link) and fill in the 'How to Join' form.


*Become a MAL - Member at Large (go to the MAL Page).


*Sponsor a KIWI with a Gift Membership [see below].


Contact National Vice-President

Membership eligibility consists of former and current Stewardesses/Flight Attendants from American Airlines, American Eagle (non-contracted), now Envoy, Trans Caribbean, Air Cal, Reno Air, America West, TWA, and US Airways.

For information on joining, forming, plus everything you want to know about being a member of The Kiwi Club, click below:


*How about a "Pay It Forward" idea....where one of our members gives a Gift Membership to a prospective Kiwi.....and they give one, and on it goes. 

*Doubling our membership is a very real possibility, and doubling the revenue from memberships would give us all kinds of options through additional working capital.


*Kiwis, let's encourage "Anonymous" Gifts. (Wouldn't it be a kick for a potential Kiwi get more than one anonymous Membership as a present?).

*Clarify that the recipient would be a "Member at Large" initially. 

*Give the recipient the option of looking on the Kiwi website for potential chapters they are interested in joining.

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