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Dear Members at Large,


Last term, I served as National Treasurer and met or was in contact with many chapter presidents and treasurers. Now my responsibility is to be the liaison between the National Executive Board and Members at Large. I will be your “go to” person and am excited to be working with you and for you.

 I recently moved to Florida from the Chicago area. Although I remained a member of the O’Hare Chapter, I knew I could make friends quickly by getting to know Kiwis in the area. So I jumped right in and joined the Southwest Florida, Florida Suncoast, and Florida Gulf Coast Chapters, all on the west coast of Florida near where I now live.


My goal now is to make friends with as many Members at Large as possible. Please contact me! 



Vicki Valenciano Kubal,  National Kiwi Vice President

Save our History!

Don’t toss it; Donate it!

If you come across any memorabilia from your flying days, and you’re wondering what to do with these items…please consider… 

1.     Informing your family and closest friends about The Kiwi Club’s archives and traveling uniform collections.

2.     Consider sending your items to our dedicated Support Staff members:


Historian / Archives:

Examples: (photos or originals): any paperwork, such as congratulatory letters (scheduled for an interview, acceptance to training…) check ride evaluations (good and bad), passenger letters (good and bad), layover hotel information/reports,  paycheck stubs, union related memos/items, stewardess/flight attendant scheduling, documents from training classes, flight service memos, catering papers, inflight menus, flight service procedures, seating charts, flight service award certificates (graduation, anniversaries), etc.

For further information, please contact:  Gerrie Skaggs McAlhany: - (480) 203-0330


Archival Uniform Collection and Traveling Uniform Coordinator::

For Further information, please contact Chris Strommer Moeckel ( - (770) 231-0847). 
Chris preserves AAL flight service uniform pieces.

Consider contributing your uniform, including all accessories and service garments, for future uniform style shows.

The Gift of a Kiwi Membership


If you know of someone who is eligible to join The Kiwi Club, but has never joined, please consider surprising him or her with the gift of a Kiwi membership! 

You’ll find the Gift Membership Form on the Forms page of this website.