Dear Members at Large,


Who knew we’d need to postpone our upcoming Las Vegas convention due to this unprecedented pandemic, resulting in extraordinary precautions?  A couple of months ago, none of us knew terms such as social distancing, or flatting the curve, and certainly, we never envisioned ourselves in a position to self-quarantine.  But, slowly we’ve adapted, finding ways to remain connected to one another.


Today, through the magic of modern technology, most of us stay connected to family, friends, and events around the world.  These days, we can’t imagine a world without such connections, but despite these wonderful connections, some encounter isolation because they don’t even enjoy the additional physical comfort of a human being or a cuddly critter.  As social beings, we require the warmth of a hug, eye contact combined with a gentle touch, and so much more, but now, many lack such human interaction. 


While we’re sequestered, we’re all dealing with various scenarios and emotions, especially when alone.  Kiwis don’t leave Kiwis alone!  We remain committed to keeping our flock flying!  No matter what individual circumstances we’re facing, we nurture one another and keep soaring — together.


As we’re in the process of creating the new normal, let’s continue supporting one another through the process.  I’m here for you through phone calls, emails, text messages, and through the USPS. If any of you are interested in group Zoom sessions, I’ll arrange them and we’ll discuss whatever you’d like.


Kiwis, friends forever, take care of one another through smooth flights, diversions, and turbulence.


Love to you all, precious ones, and be safe,


K-Lynn Hoffmann Yelvington

TKC National Vice President


Send ALL changes to the database
(address, phone, email, name), including
Flown West information, request for birthday card showers, request for rosters, lost roommates, etc.
to our 2nd Vice-President

Connie Leighliter Budge

49 Hampton Hall Blvd, Bluffton, SC 29910.
Phone:  843/815-3563


Your national dues are to be sent to
Vicki Kubal
The Kiwi Club National Treasurer

7s201 Berry Court

Naperville, IL 60540

Phone:  562-233-1939


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