"The stated mission of Wings shall be to form a grassroots volunteer organization that collects and administers funds from and for Flight Attendants on the American Airlines, Inc. system seniority list who are in critical need of financial assistance as a result of illness, injury or disability: or who are out of sick time: or who are without disability benefits; or those who have had a catastrophe or disaster which causes major hardship that would justify financial support."


The Wings Foundation offers justified & verifiable assistance that is strictly governed according to well defined guidelines. We observe all Local, State & Federal laws which apply to non-profit organizations as defined in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

WINGS OFFICERS for 2019-2020

President: Kazumi Chapa (DFW)

Vice President: Anne Elfant (LGA)

Treasurer: Juliana Ruggiero (SFO)

Secretary: Sharon Gambrell (DFW)

Wings Ad-Hoc: Lo Cruzan (LGA)


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As you can imagine, being a Kiwi is great fun.
But we're serious too, serious about helping others.

The Kiwi Club has been involved in endeavors, both locally and nationally, for charities since beginning in 1952.

The WINGS Foundation was organized to provide urgent and critical financial support to American Airlines flight attendants who find themselves in need due to illness or tragic circumstance.  In many cases, recipients of Wings assistance have used funds for such basic needs as food, housing, and medicine.

Read the December, 2019 Issue of the Wings E-News HERE!

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In 1996, The Kiwi Club chose to support the Wings Foundation as its National Endeavor
Over $500,000.00 has been donated to Wings, as of May 1, 2018.

Because of the background of our membership, our relationship with Wings is a special one. 

Through its involvement with Wings, The Kiwi Club is making a positive difference in the lives of many. We are proud to assist this organization. It is administered by American Airlines flight attendant volunteers and virtually all proceeds are distributed to those in need - a remarkable achievement.

We are united in our efforts to support American Airlines flight attendants through our involvement with the Wings Foundation.

The National Endeavor Coordinator
is the Past President of the Kiwi Club:
Jo Sharp McFadden

The Kiwi/Wings Liaison 
is Sam Gooch

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You Can Now Sign Up for Wings Assistance Online.
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