Virginia Woodby Conrad, first Kiwi National President, 1952-1954

First National Convention, 1954, Chicago

Modelling Uniforms from 1934 - 1954

Article about the Uniform Models at the
first National Convention, 1954

Wngs worn by
Virginia Woodby Conrad

Class of 1941

Class of March, 1953

ALB Kiwis with their new charter - 1960

Helen Gonsowski Roth, Nan Duncan Dorsey '53, Denise McCormick Chapman '50 and
Carol Parker Conway '51

Class of 1952 - Fall

Class of 57-6

Class of 63-1

Class of 64-10

Class of  '68-4

Class of '67-14

Class of '68-5

Class of 67-23

Class of '69-4

Class of 69-7

Class of '70-9

Class of 69-8

Class of '71-7

Class of '80-16

Class of '90-13


CATHERINE MACMILLAN SEAMAN was 101 on September 26, 2018.   She was a very active Washington DC Kiwi for nearly 50 years and helped so much with the 1980 DCA Kiwi Convention, where this picture was taken. What fun doing the "Can-can" dance for our skit about Louisville's sister cities.  Jerry Ann Piontkowski is the blonde on the bottom row — with Janice Wrocklage Bruenderman,       Carol McMahan and Linda Mattingly Ryan.

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