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Image by Robert Linder


Scroll through this page for a look back at earlier times.

Stewardess College 1968

First National Convention
Chicago - 1954
1952 Kiwi Club Officers

1st National Board of the Kiwi Club, 1952

Kiwi Club Convention 1954

Uniform Models at the
first National Convention, 1954

1952 Kiwi Club Charter Members.jpg

Charter Members of The Kiwi Club 1952

First Kiwi Club President

Virginia Woodby Conrad, first Kiwi National President, 1952-1954

AA Wings early

Wings worn by
Virginia Woodby Conrad

Early Kiwi Club Members
Albany Kiwi Club

ALB Kiwis with their new charter - 1960

Helen Gonsowski Roth, Nan Duncan Dorsey '53, Denise McCormick Chapman '50 and Carol Parker Conway '51

Jane Wyman and Van Johnson.jpg

Remember Jane Wyman and
Van Johnson?

Jan Hanson 1967

Jan Hanson -
Class of '67-23

Graduating Classes - Photos
1941 - 1990

Class of 1941

AA Class of 41

Class of March, 1953

Class of 1952 - Fall

AA Class of 1952

Class of 57-6

Class of '59-8

AA Class 59-8.jpg

Class of 63-1

Class of 64-10

Class of  '68-4

Class of '67-14

Class of 67-23

Class of '67-23[1].jpg

Class of '68-5

Class of '69-4

Class of 69-7

Class 69 7.jpg

Class of 69-8

Class of '70-3

class of 1970-3.jpg

Class of '70-9

Class of 71-2

Class of 71-1.jpg

Class of '71-7

Class of '80-16

Class of '90-13

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