Due to the Cancellation of the 2020 National Convention, the Chapters who had planned to sell items in the Boutique will be able to display and sell those items here on the website.  Click HERE for more information.


Hand-Painted Silk Scarves, Kiwi Cookie Cutters,
the 'High-Flying Cookbook,' wine bottle apron, etched glasses,

stuffed Kiwi birds and more.

Contact: Chris Strommer Moeckel
Atlanta Kiwi Club


Kiwi Cookbook

Hand Painted Silk Scarves

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ATL scarves,.2020.jpg

Kiwi Bird Cookie Cutter 

Recipes, tried and true, from Atlanta Kiwi Club members

ATL Kiwi Cookbook

The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter has created a replica of this medallion to be worn as a necklace or put on a key chain/purse fob:  

The cost is $16 for either the necklace or key chain/purse fob.  The price includes shipping.

To place an order or for more information, contact Kat Applegate Walton at

Wings Apron
The New OEKO-TEX Inflight-Approved Apron

The price of the apron is $20.00

Suitcase Handle Snuggie

The price of the 'snuggie' is $2.00

Wings Logo Wine Opener

The price of the wine opener is $8.00

"MORE THAN A TICKET: Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets "

In this special book, written by a Kiwi from the LAS Chapter, you will feel the excitement of times gone by and get a glimpse of how the atmosphere of air travel has changed through the years. The drama of time has created a different picture, as you will hear from most Kiwis. This book, authored by Argie Ella Hoskins, can be ordered from


The mosaic wall plaque by artist
Wilke Smith was presented to the
Stewardess college as a fifth
anniversary gift in 1962 from
CR Smith. Depicting the history
of AA, the multi colored  mosaic
shows aircraft, air-mail stamps and
a stewardess.  

The plaque, which was shipped in several sections, is 10 feet across and weighs over 800 pounds.  The mosaic hung above the stairs where thousands of graduates have stood since the opening of the Stewardess College in Ft Worth, Texas and will be rehung in the lobby of the new lounge, above a replica of the staircase.

Nostalgia Afghan

The WINGS Nostalgia Afghan, premiered during the 2012 convention.

WINGS worked with various volunteers collecting the pictures, getting approval from American Airlines Legal department, and designing the collage ~~~
which illustrates American Airline’s story through Stewardess and Flight Attendant Uniforms!

Made in the USA, 100% cotton and washable, the Afghan is a perfect gift from the heart for any current or retired employee of American Airlines.

Donation amount requested: $50.00.

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