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Archival Uniform Collection

Kazumi Chapa

Archival Uniform Collection

Kazumi started her career 35 years ago as an American Airlines Flight Attendant one month after graduating from University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Like so many other recent graduates, she felt that this position at Inflight would be her “door” to a huge opportunity at American Airlines. Years later, Kazumi enjoys her wonderful career as a Flight Attendant, International Purser, Recruiter, and Instructor. She strongly believes that her volunteer work has contributed to her goal of a joy filled life of family, friends, and community.
Kazumi is passionate about the great work volunteers have contributed to our American Airlines flight attendant nonprofit, Wings Foundation and she has served as President for 6 years.
She is a member of the MidCites Kiwi Club Chapter and is very excited about continuing the legacy of American Flight Attendants in the advisor position of Archival Uniform Collection.

Kazumi has been married to Onofre Chapa, retired US Airways Flight Attendant for 35 years. As you can imagine, they thoroughly enjoy the benefits as airline employees, traveling to many exciting destinations including Kazumi’s country of birth, Okinawa Japan. She also spends her free time with her extended family in the DFW area, visiting with friends, reading a good book, or binge-watching new programing on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
A fun fact: Kazumi was featured in a previous American Airlines inflight safety video and provided the general voice over.

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