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Kaleidoscope Editor

Mary Richter Thrasher

Kaleidoscope Editor, Archives, Historian

I graduated from AA June of 1967, class 67-14. My first base was DCA
and then ORD. After I resigned from AA I longed for new friends that had the same
flying experiences as I had.

I joined the Chicago Kiwi Club and found that their night meetings were a nice break
from an infant and a toddler. I have been a Kiwi longer that I would like to admit. But I
have put forth my best efforts as a chapter president, chapter newsletter editor, co-
founder and illustrator of the national newsletter, national secretary and national
president. I am now as the editor of the KIWI KALEIDOSCOPE and club Historian.

I have my own art business ( I focus on humorous hand
painted note cards that are strictly for women. There is always something to do, bored is
not in my vocabulary.

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