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Three Things You Should Know About The Kiwi Club!

American Airlines Flight Attendants Uniforms

Who We Are

The Kiwi Club is a unique philanthropic social group. Membership eligibility consists of former and current Stewardesses/Flight Attendants from American Airlines, American Eagle (non-contracted), now Envoy, Trans Caribbean, Air Cal, Reno Air, America West, TWA, and US Airways. 

​What makes The Kiwi Club really special is the community of friends you'll find here. Our members often say that the best part of being a part of our club is the "fun and life-long friendships" they've made. And to make sure everyone's voice is heard, we have a board of directors elected by our members from all across the country. We can't wait for you to join us and experience all the friendship and fun for yourself!

What We Do

In addition to the fun and friendships, being a member of The Kiwi Club also means being part of a giving community. We've raised and contributed millions of dollars to various charities, including the Wings Foundation, which provides support to flight attendants in need. Since we started supporting Wings in 1996, The Kiwi Club has donated over a half-million dollars!

But our support doesn't stop at just giving money. Our members also lend a hand and get involved with volunteer work. It's truly a team effort.

And if you love being around others who share your background, you'll love our local meetings and events. Check out our News-Just-In page to see some of the fun we have together.

Long Island Kiwis Sail 2022_edited.jpg
Mary Thrasher I Love Kiwis Critter

How To Join

The first step is to join is to fill out the How to Join form. The National Vice President will then send you an application and provide more information.


Check the Chapter Map for the location of our Kiwi chapters to see if there is a chapter near you.  If there isn't a chapter nearby,  you can also become a Member at Large.

To join The Kiwi Club you must be a current or former Flight Attendant  from American Airlines or any of it's affiliate airlines. (listed above)

What our Members say about The Kiwi Club

"The Kiwi monthly luncheons  and the bi-annual Conventions are truly special events!  They keep us connected so beautifully to the friends with whom we shared the gift of being able to travel for a living! I often find myself  explaining what a Kiwi is…perhaps I talk about The Kiwi Club a bit too much?”


Linda Hessler Radke

South Bay Chapter

Co-President and Newsletter Editor

Being a member of the Kiwi Club means never having to face life alone. Really! I treasure my Kiwi community. It’s a bond that began in Stewardess School and continues to grow.You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Join now. Really!


Casey Cacioppo Bode

Golden Gate Chapter  President

I have been a member of many chapters and served on the national board as treasurer and VP. I have developed wonderful lifelong fellowships as a result of being an active member.

Over the years, being active in The Kiwi Club brings you fellowship, support, and special friends.

Bettye Betts (1).jpg

Bettye Beeson Betts

Atlanta Chapter

Join Us Today!

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