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Sam Gooch


I was born in a small town in Missouri and moved to Dallas the day after high school graduation. At the age of 39 I was accepted to become an American Airlines Flight Attendant. I graduated in 98-12 and was sent to the NY base. 

My entire 23 years of flying was based in New York where most of my flying time was out of Newark. I lived at the Jersey Shore until April of 2021. I was the President of Wings for 6 years. I became the President of The Kiwi Club in 2020 and have enjoyed helping and building relationships and friendships with this wonderful group.

 The end of 2020, Mike and I decided that it was time to leave the East Coast, so we built our home and moved to a small town just outside of Nashville, TN, called Mount Juliet. In August of 2021 I retired from American Airlines.

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