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Eileen Vaquilar Clifford


Member of: Long Island Kiwi Chapter, Founder 2013   

Years as a Kiwi: 11 

Kiwi Chapter Offices Held: Founding Member of Long Island Kiwi Chapter, Chapter President, secretary, treasurer, senior advisor on steering committee 2013 — 2022, Chapter President 2023 — current. 

Other Organizations and Offices Held:  

  • Optional Event Chair for 2024 National Kiwi Convention in Savannah. The Kiwi Club — 2023 to 2024.  

  • Volunteer counselor supporting and assisting pregnant women and mothers in need. Birthright, Inc., Islip, NY — 2022 to present.  

  • Board Member and Secretary, Zonta International, Suffolk County Chapter, Long Island — 2010 to 2016.  

  • An international, professional and business women's organization for women and girls in their communities around the world.  

  • Board Member and Event Coordinator, NY Women in Travel, NYC — 1997 to 2000.  Fundraising/ Special Event Coordinator, Airline Ambassadors, Inc. NY — 1996 to 2010.  

  • Co-Founder/ Owner Great Tastes of Long Island, NY — 2006 to 2008.  Operated and coordinated efforts to raise funds for various non-profits located on Long Island.  

  • President and Founder, Save America's Window, NY -- 2006 - 2008.  Started non-profit to protect and save the acclaimed Robert Sowers'-stained glass window of the "old" American Airlines Airport, NY 

Personal: I am a native Californian- born in San Francisco, raised in Fresno and the eldest of two other siblings. As a child and growing up in my young adult life, being active was a role I eagerly displayed. Whether it was sports, reading, taking lessons for dancing or music, my curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm didn't stop there. Everything that was new, fun, exciting was on my agenda, especially meeting the most interesting people, traveling, and seeing the world! 

After graduating from college, American Airlines hired and transferred me to New York, where I have lived since I left home. My appetite to learn, grow and be involved is continuous. 

Today, volunteering with numerous groups and living an engaging life with my dear, wonderful husband Bill keeps me fulfilled, busy and alive!  

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Given by U. S. President George w Bush.  Personal Commendations for Volunteerism. Given by American Airlines President G. J. Arpey.  

  • Recognition Letter, 2007 to Great Tastes of Long Island Fundraising Event for local nonprofit and charitable organizations, given by New York U. S. Senator Hillary R. Clinton.  

  • Golden Heart Award, 2004: Saving a Life on Board a Flight, American Airlines.  

  • Inducted into Professional Flight Attendant Hall of Fame, American Airlines. Five-time recipient of Professional Flight Attendant Award, American Airlines. 

Kiwi Goals: Continue to Grow the membership with active campaign at bases. Nurture new chapters. Recruit and train potential leaders with opportunities to develop leadership skills, like workshops. Market and promote TKC name recognition in a community/ local setting by doing philanthropy and volunteering.

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