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Linda Hessler Radke

Vice President

Member of: South Bay Kiwi Chapter 

Years as a Kiwi: 14

Kiwi Chapter Offices Held: South Bay Newsletter Editor 2012-current, Co-President of South Bay Kiwi Chapter 2018-2024 

Personal: It was always my dream to be a stewardess and that dream came true in 1968 when I began a 40-year career in the sky. I grew up in Hamilton, Ohio, (close to Cincinnati) and worked as a Technical Recruiting secretary at Procter and Gamble until joining the stewardess/flight attendant ranks. 

My first base was LGA, but, as luck would have it, I was able to transfer to LAX after only seven months (very unusual as LAX was the most senior base at the time). I remained at LAX/LAXI for nearly 40 years, working as Premium/Purser and Galley on trans cons and, for the last 25 years, Hawaii. 

For six years in the 70's, I was the Training Instructor for EPT's and initial DC-IO training (which was done locally at each base then). As proud of it as I am humbled, I was "inducted" into the PFA Hall of Fame upon receiving my 6th Professional Flight Attendant award. Truly, my job turned out to be the most fabulous career one could imagine. 

Now in retirement, my husband of 49 years (Mike) and I enjoy visiting with our four grown kiddies and 12 grandchildren. The South Bay Kiwi Chapter keeps me busy serving as Co-President and Newsletter editor. My favorite extracurriculars include photography, Pilates, travel and singing (on hiatus from my traveling choral group due to a vocal cord injury). As soon as my recently replaced knee is totally recovered, I plan to learn pickle ball and/or return to tennis. Life is truly great. lt's just going by too quickly! 

Kiwi Goals: The Kiwi Club is such a unique and wonderful conduit to providing an unbroken connection with all those fabulous friends we made when we were flying. As The Kiwi Club Vice President, and as a liaison between our Members at Large (MAL) and the National Executive board, I would like to focus on creating a means for those many MAL's to really feel that connection to The Kiwi Club AND to each other. Little favors, such as birthday cards to celebrate their "special day" or a personal birthday greeting - as the South Bay Chapter has done since 2018 - can serve as a reminder to them that they are important spokes on the big wheel. 

Perhaps consideration could be given to publishing a quarterly newsletter for just MALs. . . where they could share "chat" and photos as well as highlights of individuals with their unique "back stories". As my chapter's newsletter editor, I'm motivated and capable of doing just that. And, needless to say, having played a part in the formation of any new chapter would be exciting and fulfilling! I consider this a challenge and a unique opportunity to continue learning well into my "later years"!

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