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Melissa Williams McGrath


Member of: Nashville Music City, Richardson (dissolved) 

Years as a Kiwi: 8+ 

Kiwi Chapter Offices Held: Nashville Music City Kiwi Chapter Treasurer 2020-Present 

Kiwi National Offices Held: National Treasurer 2022-Present 

Other Organizations and Office(s) Held: AA Purser, Impact 100 Nashville, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity 

Employed: Current Flight Attendant Based at DFW 

Personal: I have been TKC National Treasurer for the past 2 years (2022-2024) and have seen many opportunities to help the club increase our membership. I have automated much of our bill pay and online presence and started a credit card application process for the first time in TKC history. 

Kiwi Goals: I have researched and found a new database management system that will enable TKC to have smoother interaction with new and existing members. If elected, I will implement this new system that will make the membership process easier for both the members and the volunteers who have to work with our membership database.

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