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Traveling Uniform Collection

Chris Strommer Moeckel

Traveling Uniform Collection

Chris was born in Linz, Austria and after emigrating, through Ellis island, was raised in Ohio. Her airline time began when she graduated in class 71-2.

She was based at LGA and after 5 years of flying became a F/A Supervisor, Group Supervisor, and Administrative Base Manager for LGA and JFK. She was then promoted to Corporate Purchasing where she worked with Bill Blass, Dr. Gucci and other designers on Flight Attendant and Pilot uniforms. She transferred to DFW during this time.

Chris keeps busy with fine arts, and computer graphics. She uses her artistic talent to design and sell silk screened silk scarves as well as other items.

Her motto is: “I'm on the ground, nothing is on fire, I can handle everything else!”

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