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The National Board  and Support Staff
2024-2026 Term

National Board 2024-2026 All 
(Page name is New Officers)

The Kiwi Club Board of Directors is elected every two years and the board members are installed at our National Convention. 

Support Staff

The support staff is chosen by the board. Each person has a special skill that is used to assist the board.

At this time we are looking for:

  •  Social Media specialist: If you have skills with websites, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and would like to get involved, please let someone on the board know. 

  • Accountant: Do you have accounting skills that could be used to assist our treasurer.

  • Website Experience: A backup person for the website is needed for content and editing.

  • Event Planner: Can you plan and organize large events? Please let us know.

Kiwis are a very talented group and we need your talents to help the club flourish! 

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